Autoware’s Velodyne Driver Subtree

This directory is part of a subtree fetched from on the Autoware branch, a fork from the original

This repo adds support to HDL-64 S3 and creates the launch files used by Autoware. If you need to modify any file inside this folder structure, please use the following commands to either push or fetch changes from the subtree. All the commands written here will suppose you’re in the root of Autoware path.

Pulling in commits from the repository subtree

Bring latest commits from

git subtree pull --prefix ros/src/sensing/drivers/lidar/packages/velodyne Autoware --squash

Pushing changes to the repository subtree

If you made any modification to the subtree you are encouraged to commit and publish your changes to the fork. You can do with the following command.

git subtree push --prefix ros/src/sensing/drivers/lidar/packages/velodyne Autoware

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Velodyne_ is a collection of ROS_ packages supporting Velodyne high definition 3D LIDARs_ .


The master branch normally contains code being tested for the next ROS release. It will not always work with every previous release.

The current master branch works with ROS Kinetic, Jade, and Indigo. It may work with Hydro and Groovy, but that has not been tested recently. To build for Fuerte from source, check out the rosbuild branch instead of master.

.. _ROS: .. _Velodyne: .. _Velodyne high definition 3D LIDARs: