Calibration Publisher

This nodes publishes the camera intrinsics, extrinsics and registers the TF between the camera and LiDAR sensors. The data is read from an Autoware compatible calibration file.


  • sensor_msgs/CameraInfo, default topic name /NAMESPACE/camera_info.
  • autoware_msgs/projection_matrix, default topic name /NAMESPACE/camera_info



  • sensor_msgs/Image, default topic name /image_raw


Parameter Type Description Default Value
calibration_file String Path to the Autoware calibration file
register_lidar2camera_tf Bool Whether or not to register TF between camera and lidar True
publish_extrinsic_mat Bool Whether or not to publish extrinsic_matrix topic True
publish_camera_info Bool Whether or not to publish camera_info topic True
camera_frame String Camera frame to be included in the header camera
target_frame String Target LiDAR frame to register in the TF velodyne
image_topic_src String Image source topic to synchronize CameraInfo /image_raw
camera_info_topic String Camera info topic name to publish intrinsics /camera_info
projection_matrix_topic String Topic name on which to publish Extrinsics /projection_matrix