Baumer Package

This package allows the capture of an image stream from Baumer cameras. It was tested successfully using a VLG22C.


Baumer SDK installed in HOME (Default path)

How to launch

  • From a sourced terminal:

roslaunch vlg22c_cam baumer.launch

  • From Runtime Manager:

Sensing Tab -> Cameras -> VLG-22


Launch file available parameters:

Parameter Type Description
fps Integer Frames per second to try to acquire the image stream.
scale Double Number between 0.1 and 1.0, the scaling factor for the output image.
brightness Double Number between 0.1 and 1.0, the brightness threshold to trigger exposure compensation. The camera does not have automatic exposure parametrization, therefore a naive Histogram compensation algorithm was added.
CalibrationFile String Path to an Autoware compatible calibration file to be published in the camera_info topic related to this camera.


  • The SDK needs to be obtained from Baumer’s website.
  • The node will only be compiled if the SDK is installed in the default directory inside ${HOME}