How to Install Caffe for SSD vision detector

Updated as of 2018-07-04

  1. Complete the pre-requisites.
  2. Clone the SSD Caffe fork in your home directory (CMake files will be looking for it there).
% git clone -b ssd ssdcaffe
% cd ssdcaffe
% git checkout 4817bf8b4200b35ada8ed0dc378dceaf38c539e4
  1. Follow the authors’ instructions to complete the pre-requisites for compilation.
  2. Compile Caffe:
make && make distribute
  1. Download pre-trained models as provided at, or use your own.

Once compiled, run from the terminal, or launch from RunTimeManager:

% roslaunch vision_ssd_detect vision_ssd_detect network_definition_file:=/PATH/TO/deploy.prototxt pretrained_model_file:=/PATH/TO/model.caffemodel

Remember to modify the launch file located inside AUTOWARE_BASEDIR/ros/src/computing/perception/detection/vision_detector/packages/vision_ssd_detect/launch/vision_ssd_detect.launch and point the network and pre-trained models to your paths.

Launch file params

Parameter Type Description Default
use_gpu Bool Whether to use or not GPU acceleration. true
gpu_device_id Integer ID of the GPU to be used. 0
score_threshold Double Value between 0 and 1. Defines the minimum score value to filter detections. 0.5
network_definition_file String Path to the prototxt file . $SSDCAFFEPATH/models/VGGNet/VOC0712/SSD_512x512/deploy.prototxt
pretrained_model_file String Path to the prototxt file . $SSDCAFFEPATH/models/VGGNet/VOC0712/SSD_512x512/VGG_VOC0712_SSD_512x512_iter_120000.caffemodel
camera_id String Camera ID to subscribe, i.e. camera0 /
image_src String Name of the image topic to subscribe to /image_raw


Remember to modify the deploy.prototxt to use the FULL PATH to the VOC label prototxt file.

Open the file $SSDCAFFEPATH/models/VGGNet/VOC0712/SSD_512x512/deploy.prototxt

Change line 1803 to point to the full path of the labelmap_voc.prototxt file.